Updates on iOS 7 Beta 2 and Onwards

Dear Readers,

In recognition of creating new content and devoting more time to other things, I have contacted Apple to disable and refund my developer account. Being the amazing company that they are, Apple kindly refunded me for the renewal fee I paid this year.

This means that I will no longer be able to post updates on the progression of iOS 7 and it’s features delivered in each beta update.

I understand that my blog gained a lot of attention from these posts, but I had to take this decision so that I could put the money to better use outside of my blogging and passion for software and technology.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed creating the posts about iOS and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported me through those posts.

I apologise for any inconvenience and I hope to deliver some similar content in the future.

Thank you.

The new iPhone – My Predictions

“It’s almost here”. Well, that’s what Apple says anyway.

Apple has issued invites for an event on the 12th of September. We can all safely say we will see a brand new iPhone showcased but we know little about it. We have seen some ‘pictures’ of the supposed iPhone but photos are just photos. I thought it would be fun to throw my preditions on the interwebs and it would be great if you commented yours!

1. An all new design

Steve Jobs was always one to have a unique looking product. Remember when the iPhone 3G looked awesome? With the iPhone 4 next to it, the 3G looks chunky and outdated. I’m prediciting an awesome new design for the next iPhone. I also think we will see some sort of taller screen on the next iPhone. I think it will be like a flatter iPhone 4S.

2. 4G LTE

Something we can’t take advantage of in the UK but it will be awesome for Verizon and AT&T customers in the US. 4G LTE provides fast data downloads over your mobile network. The new iPad has this so its given that the next iPhone will.

3. NFC Chip

NFC or Near Field Communication is a way for devices to share small amounts of information. You can use it to pay for coffee or buy a meal at a restaurant. Google has their own app for their devices called “Google Wallet”. Could Apple be using their new Passbook app for their NFC technology?

4. New dock connector?

Apple has been famous for including the same port on all of their devices. From iPods to iPads, there has been one connector called the “30-pin dock connector”. Apparently, Apple is going to forget about it and move on to another standard of connectors. We’re not sure how many pins it will have or if it’s really true but it will be interesting to see how it will work. If it is true, that means hundreds of accessories will be incompatible with the new iPhone.

5. Upgraded cameras

The iPhone 4S packs one of the best rear facing cameras on a mobile phone. Can it get any better? Perhaps we’ll see a 12MP camera on the back of the next iPhone. If Apple doesn’t update the rear facing camera, it wont be a big deal. The front facing camera might get a needed update, bringing it from the current VGA to 1.3MP – naming it a FaceTime HD camera.

6. Nano-SIM Cards

The current iPhone SIM card is micro and the next generation of SIM cards are called “nano SIMs”.  They’re even smaller and I think all it will do is make it harder to upgrade to the next iPhone. There’s a small chance it will be nano though!

7. Longer battery life

We can’t get enough of using our devices so why not increase the battery life again? I’m expecting the battery to be even longer to power that beautiful larger screen!

8. A good name

The naming of the next iPhone is really undecided right now. Technically, it is the 6th generation iPhone, but that doesn’t mean it will be called the iPhone 6.  Some people say that it will just be called “The new iPhone”, but more people believe it will be called “iPhone 5”. Thats what I think too. It will be called iPhone 5,  and I’m saying this because of Apple’s previous naming strategy – 3g, 3gs then 4, 4S, 5?


Those are my predictions for the next iPhone. I had more but that’s all I could remember 😆

What are yours?

– Mr F