Job Get!

As promised, this is my follow up post to “Job Spot”.

So on Thursday, I went to the meeting which was held at noon. It wasn’t very long but it was definitely worth it.

The meeting started with two company representatives talking about what they do and why they do it. They held a short PowerPoint presentation about the company and what they do. They also showed what they expect from us and how they expect it to be done.

They then told us that if it all sounds good, we should stay and fill in the paperwork. If its not your cup of tea, then by all means you can leave. I stayed and filled out the papers. The papers were a series of declarations and application forms! Time consuming but important none the less.

There were about 15-20 other students and we all got a place as security employees working in our local area!
We’re just now waiting to hear back from them. I actually can’t wait!

This will be my first proper job. I feel I’m ready for it.

I will post an update as soon as I hear back. 🙂

-Mr F