Job Spot


You might have thought my dream job would be working at an Apple retail store. You couldn’t be more right.

It’s true. I’ve applied many times for a role at my local Apple store but to no avail. It seems they don’t want know-it-alls just yet.

Finally, a job offer was posted at my college which I quickly put my name down for. It’s for a local security person during local events. It’s a “flexitime” job which means you can work at times that suit you.

I’m not entirely sure what the role is about because it was a short and snappy ad. I could do with any job at this point! Id also like to refrain from mentioning the organisations name for now.

Nevertheless, A few of my classmates and myself put our names down for this job on Wednesday and on Friday I received a letter inviting me to an initial meeting where things such as available times, what’s expected of me and what the role is about will be discussed.

20130325-112325 PM.jpg

I’m so excited for this role and I really hope I can get it! It will be really nice to be doing something in my spare time!
The meeting will take place at noon on the 28th of March 🙂

I hope you guys will wish me luck!
I will make a follow up post by the weekend 🙂

Mr F

Most expensive app?


In the day of computers with “Apps” instead of “program’s”, chances are you’ll see a few costly ones.

There are a few apps I wanted to show you today.

I don’t know the name of the first one but it’s on the US Apple App Store and costs nearly $1,000!
What does the app do? It’s simply a really basic app that let’s you show people that you can afford to buy an app that does nothing. Just to show you can afford something 😉

The next app is on the UK Apple App Store and I searched for it and actually found it. It’s called “QSFFStats”.
It’s a sports app. I don’t know exactly what it’s about but for £699.99, It’d better be good!

Just to put that price in perspective, you could buy the iPad with Retina display twice, or the iPad mini thrice.

20130305-110315 PM.jpg

It’s an iPhone only app and if you’re interested, you should give it a buy. 😉

It’s interesting because I think that apps that cost £2.99 are expensive to buy. I don’t hesitate too much to buy an app that costs 69p, however.

What do you think about expensive apps?
What platform do you use and what is the most expensive app you’ve come across?

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– Mr F

YouTube unplugs the speakers for the UK


YouTube have closed their doors to music video lovers here in the UK. =[

They have blocked the United Kingdom from watching music videos just because they were unable to reach a rights deal to allow us to watch them.

I was really unhappy when I found this out. It not fair!

YouTube was really good when they first launched it. Happy people. But since Google took over, YouTube changed.

There have been attempts to ‘boycott’ YouTube but YouTube are fighting to keep the ban alive. They aren’t going down that easily.

Is our loss their gain? What are they getting from taking something away from us?

It doesn’t matter if you change the country you are viewing YouTube from, in the top left corner of the site. YouTube’s smart redirecting makes it impossible to bypass the ban. – Believe me, I’ve tried it.

When I tried to watch a music video, it says this….:

This video is not available in your country. 

….With that stupid red background!

It’s just a dumb and retarded ban.

What do you think about this?

It might not mean anything to you living outside the UK, but if it happened to you then how would you feel?

– Mr Funguin