This is where you can tell us the person sitting infront of this fancy computer.

Who you are, where you currently live and maybe what your hobbies are.

Remember to keep your paragraph short but descriptive. When I say “short”, I don’t mean 2 lines!

If you want, you can include your real name, age and anything you want. Even what colour socks you wear to bring you luck

Its about You.

50 comments on “You

  1. Hey!

    I’m Waddy, and I’m 12.

    Some of my hobbies are Kick Scootering (who doesn’t!), Drawing (woo, the best), Making Ad’s (like on photoshop and stuff), and just chillin. Oh yeah, and.. blogging..

    My favourite colour is Yellow, and I live in Australia. I’m currently in highschool, in Year 7. Or Grade 7 or however you call it.

    Some of my favourite games are Grand Theft Auto IV, Skate, Guitar Hero. I also enjoy a game online called iSketch. (it’s a drawing game)

    My favourite drink is Sunkist (or Fanta Orange), and I love Japanese food, like Sushi and stuff.

    I guess that tells you alot about me. Can’t wait to hear more about you!

  2. Yo, wazzup?

    My name is Belldranit and I’m 8 years old.

    My hobbies are scootering, drawing (on paper and on the computer), blogging, basketball, and hanging out

    My favorite color is blue and I live in the USA. I am in third grade.

    My favorite food is pizza

    My favorite drink is Sprite

    And I won’t tell anybody my real name

  3. heyy!! My name is sarah (pinkypie383) and well, umm i like to make movies, be crazy with my friends, and abunch of stuff. im ten years old almost 11. wich sucks is that my birthday is on brottany spears birthday (dec. 2) so im always feel ashamed on my b day. My favorite food is salad and my favorite drink is sprite and shirly temples. I like to blog.I LOVE frogs!!!! im probobly going to get one this weekend!!!!! Im not the uselul person you see everyday. alot of times i make peoples day intresting. Like today I said to a 2nd grader “Hey kumquat ( its a weird fruit) and the kid just ran away and hid behind i corner. lol!!!!! So ya im not your everyday girl.this is a really long comment. sorry mr funguin you told us to not to it this long but i have alot of stuff about me.Im really irish. so ya thats it!!!! if you want to know more to to my real life blog its !!!!

  4. My Name:Sarah
    My age: 9
    My Gender: Female
    Birthday: Just saying it is really early in the year
    I live in USA. I LOVE to draw and the teachers say that I am the most creative artist they have ever met. Well I am in 4th grade. I’m not a average person just like Pinkypie383 (I spotted a frog in the house today.) Oh and a kindergardner whos really weird came up to me and said, “I’m gonna kick you in 1,000,000 years!” He obviously doesn’t know i’ll be dead by then (and so will he.) Umm……….. That’s all! Hope you enjoyed.

  5. Also my piano teacher said I will most likely either be a teacher or a docter. My favorite drink:the ones I make (me and my friends like to mix up stuff ex. coke, sprite, water, and some lemonade {it’s actually really tasty|) MY favorite food: CHOCALATE!!!!!

  6. Heyyzzzz! The name is Josh. Rhymes with Squash =D And sorta rhymes wit hthe awesomest Mario character ever…YOSHI!!! Yeah.

    I’m 13, birthday on May the 13th. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’m in Year 8. Yay me!

    I enjoy, reading, writing, drawing, blogging, music, and other stuff. And tennis.

    I have the most weird laugh everrrr!!! Hehehe, too bad you can’t hear it.

    I ♥ eating delicious food and I hate Maths.

    I dream of becoming an author or a teacher when I grow up.


  7. I’m called Thomas Bebbington and I’ve just turned 10 years old! And, yes,of course I’ma boy! What Else? A Homosexual! Anywayy…

    I love computers and drawing, and I like Tamagotchi’s! I’m bob at Literacy cos, well, who isn’t? Also, I love numeracy! I am planning on starting my own buisness when I’m older, maybe a cool games site like gamespy!

  8. umm im kirsten im 11 years old uhh im bored rigth now umm yeah i live in usa and im in 6th grade and umm i hate my bro (he sucks) really he does uhh im really bored right now and uhh my favorite colour is yellow and orange and red (FIRE) and im a girl and umm im a tomboy uh im really really bored and umm i like to skateboard i have a ripstick uhh i like being out side im outside right now on my laptop in a t-shirt and shorts and im really really really really really really cold right now so i oike being on the computer and well im on like 1000000000000000000 hours a day and i uhh am babysitting my brother and my brother (did i meanshuion(or however its spelled) he is a jerk) well see ya MR F U ROCK

  9. My Name: (If I ever share my name, I’ll edit this comment and add it)
    My age: Private
    My Gender: Male

    Uhh I like Drawing,Running Blogging Scootering Watching T.V. Drawing and thats it

    Favorite Colour:Red(Obviously)
    Favorite Animal:Puppy
    Favorite Cartoon:Wall:E
    Favorite Drink:Dr Pepper
    Favorite Show:None

  10. Name: Tianna
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female

    I like running, blogging, chatting with friends, reading, writing, talking about Edward Cullen from the Twilight Series…. =D

    When I growup I want to be a number one best selling author. My favorite color is purple. Or Blue. Or red. Or green. I can’t decide =D

  11. Name: David
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Nickname: (CP) The Digi Man

    I live in the North West of England, I live in a small area called “The Wirral” which is near to Liverpool.

    My favourite colour is blue and my lucky number is 7.

    I like football, dodgeball, cricket and tennis. My favourite games are Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports, Fifa 09 All Play, isketch and Habbo.

    When I grow up, I want to be a manager of a team (football mostly) because I like to encourage people, or I would want to be on a comedy show with a person.

    Oh, and did i forget I like to give you digital errors?

  12. Hi!
    Age: nine
    Gender: Female
    CP name: mingming987
    i live in the usa and im on the first three servers on the us.
    my fav color is red and my lucky numeral is 8.
    my fav video games are guitar hero (aerosmith), and mario kart racing.
    my fav bands/singers are linkin park, paramore,aerosmith, and the black ghosts.
    My fav soda is dr.pepper and my fav cartoon is tom N jerry.


  13. heyahh
    name; blah
    age: 10
    gender: female

    i looove the twilight series but my friend stole new moon when i was still reading it…… i took a quiz and they said i was like emmet. my second quiz said i was like Bella Swan. i like almost every singer on the twilight soundtrack except Rob. he sings like eww.
    My dream is to meet a movie star like kirsten stewart or Jacob from twilight. he rox. team Jake all the way!!

  14. Name:Thats not your Business
    Cp name:Forevernothing

    Im a teen age girl and my fav book is Forevernothing and I im a member of Cp.My friends Mingming987,Anoyedgirl,Checkdu,And Bean30 are the peeps on Cp that i hang out with.I know that Mingming987 is 8 years yonger then me but she is a really great friend!Shes the one who made me a member in the first place!Shes my best bud and I hope to Get my drivers licensce soon Im not a very good speller as you can see so I did make some errors.Please forgive me and tomorrows my B-day so dont get made at me please.Oh and love the site Soooooo cool!!!

  15. Hello
    scine i posted number 18, im telling u MORE about me! isnt that great.
    Well forevernothing is NOT 17. she is 10 just like the rest of our fellow ten year olds. Thats right. For her b day i got her a mem. card. she was like OMGOMGOMG
    so i bet youll NEVAH get your licence! NEVAH

  16. Name:blastonid (like u didn`t now!!)



    CP name:bulbusor

    Hobbies:Drawing,watch TV,surfing on the net,watching toons,riding my bike,playing online games.

    P.S.:I`ll NEVER EVER EVER give my real name to anybody EVER!!!

  17. im gunna gve another speech, i have to clue why 😆


    color: lime green
    food: salad and cheeseburgers
    animal: FROG
    drink: dr. pepper and strawberry fanta
    band: Jonas Brothers
    Singer: Demi Lovato
    Tv show: icarly and Total Drama Island
    book: Twilight!
    Sport: dirt bike riding



    Grade/ year: 5
    age: 11
    im not cool and im not uncool on a scale from 1 to 10 i consider myself like 5 or 6. for no reson i laugh durring class randomly 😆 . I laugh ALOT.



    im a computer geek. thats pretty uch what i do all day. lol. i also like drawling frogs. lol! oh, also listening to music.
    • im overly obsesed with frogs
    • i domt like chocolate that much
    • i dont like cheese
    • i dont like mayonase

    ok, that was long. sorry mr fun u said they had to be short but, oh well!

  18. hi
    name:non of ur pie
    fav game:halo2
    fav food:pizza,chips and dounuts
    fav band:linkin park
    fav book:brisinger
    sport:if sleeping is a sport than yes i have a fav sport


    listing to music

    club penguin(used to play but nah god boring)
    my dog’s breath
    hackers(hate them sooo much)
    sisi girls and even worse *gulp* sisi boys

    well yeah

  19. hey im doing another one
    name: Reese
    area: Nevada
    burping rapidly
    annnoying people
    smiley faces :):):)’
    my friends and family
    stuck up and mean girls
    popular girls
    ummm you
    i am a tomboy *yay*
    BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP( who knows what this is you need to IMAGINE)

  20. I am a diabetic and a girl who also suffers from celiac disease. I am a writer and you have to check otu my blog!
    Likes: Writing, swimming, drawing, animals
    I am a punk/emo/tomboy
    Lives: Massachussetts

  21. name- bree
    age- 12
    grade- 7
    live- NY, USA
    fav color- black
    food- vegetarian
    religion- Christian
    personality- goth/tomboi/emo but still fashionable
    hair- look @ katy perrys strait hair in hot n cold vid, turn brown and shoulder length
    height- 4-10
    weight- 75 lbs
    (hot) boys who shake their hair bangs
    linkin park
    death metal
    american eagle
    black nail polish
    twilight series
    guitar hero rocks the 80s
    katy perry
    p!nk (singer)
    all american rejects
    ISS (in school suspension)
    the jonas brothers
    pink (the color)
    country music
    girls who, like, talk with, like, the valley girl accent
    ppl that are mean to animals
    “green light”

    ect- i am really really skinny and weight obsessed but not anorexic/bulimic
    i love sports and exercise
    luigi is better than mario

    wow…was that long ^^”

  22. Name: Bbfreeze. (That’s not my real name.)

    Age: Eleven years old.

    Height: 4’11” Last time I checked. (I’m short! Haha.)

    Hair: Side bangs, long layers, dark brown with natural red highlights. About five inches below shoulder.

    Eyes: Dark brown eyes, dark brown lashes, dark brown brows. 😆

    Skin tone: I’m naturally tan since I’m mostly Italian.

    Likes: Sunshine, hot weather, sunshowers, shopping, computers, morning time, writing, drawing, graphic design, food xD, animals… an the list goes on!

    Dislikes: Hackers, preppy people, bossy people, mean people in general xD, showoffs, cloudy rainy weather, headaches, other pains, school, math, and the list goes on!


  23. Name: Josie
    Age: 12
    Country: England
    Height: 5’5
    Hair: Light brown, shoulder length.
    Eyes: Blueish greyish greenish. Lol.
    Personality: I can’t really sum it up in one sentence.

    I love art and music. I also like football (soccer), basketball, reading, writing and blogging… and that’s about it.

  24. yo boys and girls! this is hew i am for 2010 since 2009 is almost over 🙂

    My Name: Ethan
    My age: 11
    My Gender: Male
    i like plaing base ball,plaing clubpenguin evry once and a while i like plaing on the cumputer when im done at school and at 4:00 i start plaing the xbox, my favriot drink is mountin dew code red and my favrite socil website is newgrounds( username Clubben100)

  25. Cool blog!

    Name: Emma
    Age: 11
    Lives: 9. Rofl, no I mean WHERE I live. America.

    Likes: Writing and art are my biggest passions. I’m also into sports, swimming, playing outside, nature, science, music
    Dislikes: Preps, bossy people, drama queens, LIARS(my pet peeve)

    Personality: I’m definately a tomboy/punk. I listen to goth, punk, death and heavy metal music. I like dirt, bugs and being gross.

    Appearence: Short and skinny: 4’11” and under 90 pounds. Long, wavy Dirty blonde hair with tan skin and blue eyes.

    Very creative blog!

  26. color: lime green
    food: doughnuts, tacos, and cheeseburgers from In n Out
    animal: frog, dogs, and ducks
    drink: coke, dr pepper
    band: All Time low 🙂
    Tv show:ICarlyy!
    book: Twilight!
    Sport: dirt bike riding, basket ball



    Grade/ year: 6
    age: 12
    im average in coolness, like a 5 or 6 on a scale from 1 to 10. and a GIANT part of me is a guy named eddy 🙂 he dosnt like me but ive liked him litterally when i first saw him. I get all a’s and b’s on my report cards… occationally a c. my favorite subject is Social Studies, with a teacher like the once i have… its the best class ever.

    looking at eddy…. ok SORRY i was dazing off. listening to music, facebook,hanging out with friends, art, cooking
    -i LOVE milk 🙂
    – i dont like chocolate
    – im alergic to latex
    – this kid noah hates me for who i am 😦
    -im ment to be doing homework right now :/
    – i love playing the Sims3
    – i eat a doughnut almost every day… yes im a total american. ( im REALLY skinny)
    – did i mention i like eddy?
    okk soo make sure u also read the comment i posted on here about a year ago… ive changed alot!
    Byeee hope u read it!

  27. um im cw
    my favorite color is lime green
    i have a clastophobic brettany spaniel named mitch
    i love sims3
    at the current time i am 12
    i love the band all time low
    i am learning to sail
    i have brown eyes and dirtyblond hair
    a have a very peachy, tan compection
    and on an extra note my eyes brows are wired one goes up then straight and the others just straight (ya i know alie right…..)

  28. Aww, the majority of these were all posted around 2 years ago! It’s now almost 2011 and so much has changed interest-wise!!

    Hi Mr Funguin! How’s it going? Geez it’s been ages.. literally. Since this page is about introducing yourself, I guess I’m just gonna do it for fun again.

    I’m Waddy. I’m 14, still live in Australia. I love drawing, I love making videos, and taking pics.. I had an awesome Christmas. Super hot though. I love music. My favourite songs keep changing though. Yellow’s still my favorite colour. I still love blogging even though I haven’t been on this for about a year. I’m still in high school. And I’m just slightly obsessed with the U.S. 😉

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